It’s All Geek to Me

Avengers Assemblage

Avengers Assemblage

It’s a great time to be a geek.  But you always knew that didn’t you?  Those of us who are unafraid to wear the banner of Geekdom have always known that embracing the counterculture of comics, sci-fi, fantasy, anime, etc.. is just a fun way to live.  But it seems more and more that mainstream media is willing to buy into (and cash in on) the idea that a nerdy life is a wonderful life with a coolness all its own.  Shows like The Big Bang Theory and King of the Nerds prove that the geek subculture really isn’t “sub” anymore.

I muse on all this after walking the packed halls of Megacon in Orlando earlier this month.  Each year this geek culture convention seems more teeming with all walks of life; families with strollers decked out in Steampunk attire brush past way too many teenagers with Homestuck horns as they part ways for thirty-somethings in comic book spin off attire (I speak of my own crew here).

Perhaps the most telling harbinger of geek going mainstream is my favorite cult serial turned prime-time epic Doctor Who.  If the number of young and old fans sporting Doctor costumes at Megacon didn’t give it away, the fact that my mom saved her TV guide featuring Matt Smith’s mug  as the 11th Doctor really sealed the deal.  I’m sure they could have featured something from The Good Wife or even Celebrity Apprentice but this British classic was the chosen marketing du jour.  It makes me giddy.Well Disney Owns Both

So I admonish all those out there unafraid to take a weekend and parade around in costume, those who would watch a comic book  movie just as soon as a snooty foreign film, those who would dress their babies in Star Wars onesies to let your geek flag fly!  Let’s storm the walls of normal and make geek the new cool.  Not that we care though.  That’s the quintessential geek platform.  But consider this geeks, revel in your prime-time lineup.  There’s an Avengers show on the horizoPowdered Toast Man!n, plenty of new and old Big Bang and who knows what we’re in for with the new Star Wars regime.  There will always be no lack of “sexier than thou” shows but for the moment, even American Idol has been edged out by the likes of a raggedy Batman and Boy WondermAvatarsan in a blue box.Bad Loki!Schwarma