Geek Trends

Can geeks be trendy?  Isn’t that idea in itself an oxymoron?  I think it’s safe to say that within its own circles, the world of geekdom has ideas and favorites that rise and fall.  Here are a few trends I’ve noticed lately that make my geek senses tingle or cringe.

1. Mashup Cosplay

Avenger Girls...and we have a Hulk

Avenger Girls…and we have a Hulk

The art of cosplay seems to have reached a new status in pop culture and is no longer pegged simply as a strange hobby for wacky devoted people.   With celebs getting in on the act; Tom Hiddleston’s Loki appearance at Marvel’s Comic Con panel or Matt Smith incognito as Bart Simpson, a dedicated show on Syfy and hundreds of easy to wear products flooding the market beyond Halloween time, it’s no wonder veteran cosplayers are looking to do something different.

The latest way to amp up cosplay is by mixing fandoms or styles to create a unique costume.  A lot of ideas start as a Deviantart picture that entices with original concepts of familiar characters.  Japanese artist Sakizou is a hot item for cosplayers.  Her creations come from taking objects or ideas and making frilly lolita meets steampunk designs.    Disney characters are popular mashup subjects with everything from burlesque to jedi princesses making the rounds at cons.  One talented cosplayer I know took a Sakizou design to create a steampunk Cinderella.  Love the Walking Dead and Superman?  Perfect.  Man of Steel Zombie.  See how easy this is?

Japanese artist Sakizou creates beautiful characters.

Japanese artist Sakizou creates beautiful characters.

Mashups allow a cosplayer to make a character taylor fit to your body and personality.  I had fun making a feminine Captain America to match a group of cosplay friends doing girly Avengers.  And why not?  Just because I don’t have biceps doesn’t mean I can’t rock the shield and stripes.

2. Geek TV

Did you know shortly before the premier of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, DC announced a Gotham cop drama centered around a young commissioner Gordon?  And now, Warner Brothers is working on a dark Wizard of Oz called Red Brick Road?  They say it will be Oz meets Game of Thrones.  You know nothing Dorothy!

Geek TV

Geek TV

But seriously, when did geekdom glut the TV market?  It’s great right?  I’m not sure yet.  The geek TV floodgates have opened, thanks to The Big Bang Theory and the reboot of Doctor Who.  Now, since geeky ideas are trendy in the mass market, networks seem to be jumping on the bandwagon like immigrants craving passage to America.  Make it good studio execs.  You know geek fans aren’t to be trifled with.  Batfleck anyone?

Making geeks cool since 2007

Making geeks cool since 2007

3. Mass Market Geek Fashion

It’s never been easier to get your geek on-literally.  Forever21 announced a DC line making Batman cool to hipsters and teens (like he needed the help).  Sites like Welovefine and Heruniverse have supercharged their geek offerings lately.    I’m a fan of geek dresses.  Tardis, Dalek, R2D2 or Vader?  So many choices!  Take a look at the T-shirt selection at Target.  I’m never at a loss for a quick present idea for the geek  hubby.  Apparently there’s a company called Black Milk out of Australia that makes chic geek clothes like leggings and tight tank dresses in Star Wars, Harry Potter and even Lord of the Rings designs.  Even Old Navy is in on the act.  You can’t check out without walking past a barrage of geek accessories.  And that’s after you’ve brought your toddler Star Wars shirts to the checkout line.



Exterminate your wardrobe



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